Went to dragstrip tonight

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Re: Went to dragstrip tonight

Postby Nemasys » Sat May 01, 2010 10:32 am

I don't have the rear seat in place, but ive always wanted to put something like that UR bar there but never found what i could use.

I might grab that bar sometime and put that in.

I didnt play with the tire pressure, was probly where i left it last time i put air in them at 34 psi or so. My winter tires are 195/60-14 in size.

Ill try a lower pressure next time, might help off the line.

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Re: Went to dragstrip tonight

Postby Pontiac1976 » Sat May 01, 2010 3:13 pm

What track did you go to was this a Fri. night? Ok know your tire size what kind of winter tires how much tread on them ( are they all most new ) Because most winter tires give you better traction unless there to new ( not to deep on the tread lugs ) because that squirms a bit and you spin a bit before the bit. The Beast way to see if your tires got the best psi try to a good dry hop after you set your psi to whatever you drive. If you can see the tire prints on the ground try to see how wide it is. I.e. if the tire has 4 rows across and it only showing three drop psi, if your tread print is light in the middle darker in the side you need to add psi. It takes some time tell because some time the road will not show well could be pretty light on the road but you want it to be as even as it can across. Then try one on the track. If you can get a look at your print before you go. Then play with the psi up 0ne or down one the next try. Once you know what way you have to go when your 60 foots get better. Oh another thing more PSI @ top end will make your MPH and Q-time lower. Sometimes it better to lose a bit on the line to make up on the top end or the other way around. It depends on your motor power curve and tire size & gear.
Tires get bigger @ full throttle after 60 foot, with more HP so you sometimes need to + PSI to keep traction @ higher gears you start drive on the center of the tread (tires balloon in the middle.)


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The Mark of a Great Car


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